Monday, November 1, 2010

Twilight Fans Only

As promised, here is a peek at the Twilight mini chipboard book I worked on Friday night. I lost the third ring so just imagine it is there, covered in ribbon. I also haven't had time to sit and journal about the trip so if you are one of those people who likes to zoom in and read the journaling, sorry. :)

The laser cut words/dies were purchased at a scrapbook store in Tacoma, WA. I think she has gone to an online store now also, I will do some looking and add a link soon. The apple is from a New York sticker set...yes I bought the stickers just for the apple!

A photo (from the internet) of the books that led me to take 4 teens to Forks, WA for Spring break!

La Push is beautiful! The kids and I could have stayed and played there for a couple more days. Since we didn't see any werewolves while we were there, I thought maybe a Taylor Lautner/Jacob Black photo would "dress" the page up a bit...tee hee.


  1. Cute book...what a brave soul to take kids on spring break! Thanks for the comment on my new "room". I hope it gets lots of use this winter!

  2. love it Beth!!..we went there too, but not enuf pics for a mini,,,just a 2 pages spread probably...thanks for sharing!~Lesa

  3. Lesa, I still have enough from La Push to do a 2 page spread! Weather was so gorgeous that week.