Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Christmas Tag

I promised myself I wouldn't start blogging about Christmas stuff until Thanksgiving weekend. Then I started wrapping gifts....

I have a very awesome, devoted, patriotic, loving soldier in my life who is going to be in Afghanistan this Christmas. To make sure my sister gets her Christmas decor and gifts in time to enjoy them, I have to get her box out in the next week...thus the early Christmas post. Her box is filled with all sorts of goodies, some to enjoy throughout the season and some to save for Christmas Day. (Jessica, if you are reading this then I have spoiled some of the surprise, sorry.)

I made the sweetest little tags for her gifts using the Cricut (love this machine!). Just a simple green Christmas Tree from Potpourri Basket Cartridge, shadowed with tan (3.5 inches in size). A little red jewel brightens the whole thing up. I wasn't planning on making homemade tags for everyone this year, but now that I see how easy it will be with the Cricut I may just surprise myself!

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  1. I love the project and the thought behind it. My husband was in the first Gulf War and I know how very much these gifts from home mean to those overseas. God bless your sister and my wishes for her to have a Merry Christmas and a happy and safe New Year! Thanks for the comment on my new "stuff". I hope to create a card or two tomorrow. Maybe I'll try a tag as well! Thanks for the inspiration.