Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Java House Wednesday

         This is a new feature at Scrappy Java Girl blog. Remember in January when I said I had all sorts of new ideas for the blog this year? Yah, I am finally taking the time to sit down and implement some of them! I have wanted to write a weekly blog entry in a “coffeehouse” style for weeks now. Coffeehouse; a warm, inviting place for us to meet over a hot steaming cup of Java…or cocoa, tea, apple cider…I may be a coffee snob but I don’t discriminate. J

         Coffeehouses date back to 1475 to a coffee shop called Kiva Han in Turkey. As the Turks conquered and/or moved about the landscape, so did coffee. Britain opened their first coffeehouse in 1652. Italy, Germany, and France soon followed suit. When America was colonized, the coffeehouse was quickly established here also. Not only were the coffeehouses just a gathering spot to drink coffee; they also served as places for vital communication.

(image credit: Serendipity Team )

         Why the history lesson, you ask? I just love the idea that all over the world, for hundreds of years, people have been meeting for coffee! Having spent many years in the Seattle/Tacoma area, I can truly appreciate the culture of the coffeehouse. They are a part of the fabric of life there. My favorite one when my kids were young was a mom and pop joint that had a play area and big comfy chairs. Urban Coffee I think it was called. I could meet a girlfriend to catch up on life while the kids played or read books. Someone else did the dishes when we were done too! As the kids get older, the coffeehouse has become a place for me to study, meet for book club, pray with a friend or just relax while waiting for soccer/dance/activities to be finished.

         Coffeehouse culture is a diverse and interesting slice of American life. Let’s experiment a little here and see if we can’t develop a little “Bloggy Java Culture” of our own! To start off, share a description of your favorite coffeehouse in a post below. On Sunday I will randomly choose a participant to receive some coffee love via snail mail! (Make sure to leave an e-mail for me to contact you.)

~ Beth


  1. Well, my favorite coffee house is called Milagro's, and it is in Alamosa, Colorado. It is has a trendy, funky vibe to it. They offer book sharing and wireless internet, along with a few wired computers as well. The best part? All the proceeds from the coffee house benefit La Puente, our area homeless outreach and shelter. On Saturday mornings, they do an all-out organic breakfast for $5.75 I love to meet friends there or go after one of Phillip's basketball games and have some family time. When you come to visit me, we are Sooooooo going! <3 u so much,

  2. We have great local coffee house called The Black Cat...great coffee and wonderful pastries made by the french bakery across the street! The cinnamon rolls are the best ever!!! There must be 1000 layers of buttery, warm, flakey dough in one of them....mmmmmm!

  3. There is a group of women I meet up with on Monday mornings at Starbucks. We have this time to share our prayers and praises and to life each other up. This is a fantastic idea.

  4. Love this idea! Wish I could spend more time at a coffeehouse! The first experience I can remember was in Bellingham while I was in college. A quaint little spot in Fairhaven that served great pastries & sandwiches...I counted myself fortunate if I had some extra cash to get a treat once in a strapped college student, y'know! Anyway, since then coffeehouses in many states & coffee itself have become a a staple in my life!