Friday, August 26, 2011

Sweet 16 and Other Ramblings

My how the summer has flown by! Blogging has been the last thing on my mind this sumer (obviously, as seen by the major lack of posts!). I am planning on getting a lot of fun projects and scrapbook LO's done and posted now that the kids are back in school. I may even get The Blend back up and running.

To get things started I wanted to share the Sweet 16 party invites I made for Hannah's big birthday coming up soon. I totally craft-lifted (i.e., STOLE) the idea from Easy Made Invitations. Thank you Lindsay for the perfect invite for this event! She has the instructions and paper sizes on her site. (Oh, and if anyone needs black size A9 envelopes for a projects like this, let me know.....I had to order 50 at a time and only used 20!) Here is a picture of the invites in process, pretty darn simple and perfect for my Sweetie.

Happy Weekend and Happy Creating!

~ Beth


  1. Beth,
    The invites are so awesome for a sweet 16. My best to your daughter on her big day. I too have a total lack of posts this summer. I have been getting my craft fix on Pinterest lately but I miss my blogs. My kids go back on Friday so I hope to get a little more scrapping done soon. I am heading to Scrap Fest in a couple weeks which is sure to give me a big boost! I can't wait!!! Can't wait to see The Blend again as well.
    Take care, Paula

  2. 16 already?!? Where has the time gone? LOVE the invites, I'm totally going to steal that for my Hannah's in a couple years. Take lots of pics of the big event, can't wait to see your creativity in the party. Love you!