Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Finally found some time to hide away in the craft room ad get some scrapbook layouts done. Felt so nice to  dig through photos and play. These pics are all from Spring 07 when the kids and I went to Seattle Center with our friend Lori. I sure miss the vibe of Seattle...and the coffee!
And the highlight of the day for Luke....the Grossology Exhibit! Ewwie!

Hope everyone is having a happy and fun filled summer so far!

~ Beth


  1. Hi Beth! I have enjoyed your blog since I found it and wanted to give you an award! You can pick it up over on my blog! Have a GREAT week!
    Cindy Porter http://cardcrazeeme53.blogspot.com/

  2. Glad you could sneak in some time to scrapbook-yay for you! Very cute pages. Looks like a fun time! My little guy would love the 'grossology' as well. :) Still cold here...can hardly believe this weather. They are saying 70 for the weekend, I sure hope they are right!